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Economic Development
Led by Iowa Telcos

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Strategic Planning and Project Funding

About Ripple Effect

Through funding support from Aureon and the economic development expertise of Iowa Area Development Group, Ripple Effect guides projects and initiatives in communities served by independent communication service providers (Telcos/CSPs).

The Ripple Effect Program can assist with:

Community Projects
  • Strategic planning.
  • Childcare centers, dental and healthcare offices, housing, and community facilities.
  • State and Federal funding sources.
Business Projects
  • Entrepreneurial support and business expansions.
  • Development of business parks and certified sites.
  • State and Federal funding sources.
  • Market Research and Analysis.

Ethan Pitt, Ripple Effect Program Director
As program director, Ethan guides telecommunications companies and facilitates funding opportunities, resources, and partnerships, helping maximize local impact. Call or email ( Ethan today to discover how Ripple Effect can help support development in your community!

Call Ethan: 515.777.7308

Community Projects

Iowa telecommunication companies strengthen rural communities by providing the best internet and communication services available. Through the Ripple Effect program, Iowa telcos can also provide planning grants and strategic guidance to cities, non-profit organizations, and other local partners to help communities achieve goals and projects. Below are several examples of how Ripple Effect has helped with community projects.

Business Projects

Business growth and entrepreneurial support are vital components of economic development. Whether it’s through sponsoring USDA loan and grant programs, offering strategic guidance, or direct loan assistance, Ripple Effect can help Iowa telecommunication companies support their local business ecosystem. Below are several examples of how Ripple Effect has helped communities with business projects.

Ready to invest in your local community through Ripple Effect?

1. Call Ethan, Ripple Effect Program Director

Are you interested in how Ripple Effect can help your local community? Contact Ethan Pitt, Ripple Effect Program Director (, and discover how Ripple Effect can support development, projects, and initiatives for your community.

2. Collaborate With Us

There are many ways that Ripple Effect can assist with your community’s goals. Partner with Ripple Effect to access funding, resources, and opportunities to help jumpstart local projects.

3. Cultivate Community Growth

Through a long-term, sustainable partnership with Ripple Effect, your telco can continue to support your community and invest in initiatives that make your hometown a great place to live.

Get Started: 515.777.7308
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