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Minburn Communications

Perry Economic Development constructed its fourth shell building this year since the organization’s inception in 1984. The building has the same specifications as the one built in 2018, which is now home to TCB Companies. It is a 30,000 sq. ft. all-steel, industrial, pole-style, insulated warehouse shell building with 30-foot sidewalls. The building is located on a 5.2-acre lot in the Perry Industrial Park, a designated Certified Site by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

This unique partnership included Minburn Communications, Guthrie County REC, CIPCO, and IADG provided technical, planning, and financial support for the project. Minburn Communications will accommodate the telecommunications and broadband needs. The building has already garnered serious interest from a promising manufacturing prospect. With the recent success of the spec building, and now with limited space in their industrial park, the development group is undergoing additional strategic planning to ensure that the community is primed for future success.

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